The subscriber is responsible for ensuring the confidentiality of their business ID and password, as well as the identifiers and passwords of identified users. Edi will not be responsible for the above obligations if the subscriber does not meet these obligations. (b) At its choice, PCCW Global may either obtain the customer`s right to continue using the service, or replace or modify the allegedly hurtful service, so that the service is no longer violated. If, in PCCW Global`s reasonable opinion, none of the above alternatives is economically feasible, PCCW Global may terminate the service without liability, with the exception of point 10.2 (a), provided that PCCW Global reimburses the customer for any prepaid fees that are not due to its use of the services from the date of termination. In the event that PCCW Global is unable to provide the service under this clause 10.2, PCCW Global will work with the customer to transfer services to a new provider. The duration of the agreement begins on the first day of the Company`s fiscal year beginning in 2004 (effective date) and ends on the last day of the Company`s fiscal year ending in 2007, subject to prior termination in accordance with Section 7 below (the « duration »). 12.1.1 The name of the subscriber is no more important than that of the other subscribers on these lists; and (b) the customer is responsible for all costs associated with the use of the services provided in connection with these services. Subject to the litigation procedures described above, PCCW Global`s user documents are the most important for the use of a service and the fees to be paid by the customer. Sometimes the parties use the validity date to refer to a future date on which either agreement will occur.

For example, this is a January 2004 employment contract and probably refers to the date on which the employee will actually start working: (cc) level of service means, if for a service, the promised service levels, according to which PCCW Global makes reasonable efforts to provide this service, as stated in the specific conditions, and, unless otherwise stated in the current level of service, , excludes services provided by third parties. (a) The termination of this agreement does not extinguish or affect the rights of one party against the other born before the date of termination of this agreement. 23.1 The service agreement is subject to the laws of England or the laws of Delaware and is interpreted accordingly. The choice of law is determined by the residence of the potential client. These are the only jurisdictions in which EDI enters into contractual agreements. 20.3 The illegality, disability or inapplicability of the terms or provisions of the service contract does not affect legality, validity or applicability, or other conditions or provisions. Where conditions or provisions are found to be unlawful, invalid or unenforceable by a court, arbitrator or competent authority, the parties agree that they will replace provisions as similarly as possible to the invalid provisions, without making them unlawful, invalid or unenforceable. (g) loss of profit: loss of profit, loss of value, loss of production, loss of business opportunities, interruption of operations, loss of revenue, loss of contract, loss of expected savings, loss or deterioration of data or loss of communications privacy; Consecutive damages, special, indirect, exemplary or punishable damages of any kind. 8.3 The obligations contained in this clause remain time-limited, but do not apply in the cases described in clauses and 8.1.4 20.5, of which any agreement constitutes an agreement.