Town of Front Royal Finance Department 102 E. Main St Front Royal VA 22630 Tel: 540.635.7799 Fax: 540.635.2298 Including a request to log in or separate the service. Please set aside on 4 24. Under no circumstances can the domestic consumer use the gas for commercial purposes. Household consumers should not use gas for any purpose other than fuel for cooking in their kitchen. I understood the above conditions, the supply of natural gas with pipeline at my cooking point, I understood the contents with full consciousness and linked me, my family and my heir. Signing the consumer`s name (in capital letters): Address: Municipality No./Village:.. Location name:… Road/Route: (For use of Assam Gas Company Ltd.) Consumer Type Domestic: Hotel/Restaurant/Boulangerie: Institution: Commercial Divers: A down payment Rs.. F.D.No.

Dt Bank Full Payment of Rs. Connecting to… CONSUMER CODE NUMBER:.. Signature of the Site Engineer Dear Client We thank you for your interest in becoming a valued customer. Here you will find our application for credit facilities with our terms and conditions of sale and the 2 Signautre guarantee of the candidate`s name in its entirety… Date… Witness (sign, name – address) (associate) name… Address… Terms and conditions for connecting Piped Natural Gas to Consumers on Town Gas Grid 1. Any consumer who wishes to bring the natural gas supply through a pipeline from the distribution lines of Assam Gas Company Ltd (hereafter referred to as « company ») in the form prescribed with the required security or serious money deposit, in the prescribed form, with an appropriate deposit of money/security that can be fixed from time to time by the company.

The required application form is available from the company`s office for payment of Rs (ten). 2. The decision to grant the gas connection is taken exclusively by the company on the basis of profitability, comfort, technical feasibility and safety, and this decision is final and binding. 3. The company reimburses the deposit paid by the applicant if the link is not indicated above. 4. The applicant makes available to the staff/representative/agent/agent of the company, at the time of the pipeline and connection to the gas, all facilities, cooperation and all aid up to the focal point of the applicant`s kitchen and grants them unimpeded or obstructed from any source. If necessary, the applicant obtains written permission/authorization from his neighbour if the pipeline is to pass through his neighbour`s premises and submit them to the company. The company does not pay any compensation for laying the pipeline to anyone and the owner of the land is responsible for the overall safety of the pipeline. 5.

The applicant/consumer chooses and indicates the location of the focal point in his kitchen or premises, where the connection must be manufactured and where the indicated location of the burner should not be changed or changed after the fact. If the distiller is modified or modified or moved at any time, this can only be done by the company for the consumer`s written application, and the cost of such a move or situation, which can be assessed by the company, must be borne by the consumer. 6. The consumer must not modify, modify or move the location of the focal point. Only the authorized staff/representative/representative of the company will modify or modify the connection of the house to another location at the written request of the consumer and for the payment of the necessary fees. 7. The maintenance of the pipe system up to the combustion point of the consumer kitchen is carried out by the company. When detecting leaks in the home link or problems that occur in the system, with the exception of the burner, the consumer must be informed on the network during working hours with the company`s maintenance cell.