This letter is intended to confirm that the school board recognizes that the ongoing construction of schools may affect teachers` working conditions from time to time. Accordingly, the Committee agrees that, at the request of the association, it will immediately make arrangements to allow its representatives to negotiate with the representatives of the association the effects on the working conditions identified by the association. The placement in the salary list is carried out in accordance with the requirements for the level of vocational training as defined in this agreement. Only for the first investment, the number of years of the loanable benefit is set by the superintendent. If a member changes either the level of vocational training or his or her years of experience, the adjustments will take effect in September of the next school year. The standard rate is $30 ($30.00) per period or hour, depending on the case. This phrase applies to the school inspection before and after the school inspection, to take care of a member in his absence, to the necessary participation of members in continuing education training/curriculum letters given outside the regular school or work day, or to the remuneration of members for sponsored individual courses, whether they are taught at school, hospital or at the student`s home. As part of the formal evaluation process, there are forms and timetables to follow, as outlined below. However, what is mentioned below is exclusively regular copies made by building managers; they will not be required to fill out forms, but will be done as part of the important work that is underway in schools, as educators work together in the best interests of students.

Members who are RIF`d are considered for re-employment during the school year that they are laid off, plus the following school year, and they are considered in reverse order of dismissal to fill in openings on how these openings are formed. Additional after-school clubs/activities in proportion to one club/activity per 100 students. Schedule C adjustments for the average three-year contract increase are made in the last year of each contract, provided it is a minimum of three years. The Committee and the Association agree that members` responsibility to their students and their profession generally involves the accomplishment of tasks and the time required beyond the normal working day, but that members are entitled to regular schedules and work schedules that they can rely on in the normal course and which are maintained as fairly and consistently as possible throughout the school system. In accordance with the DESE rules, a oriented growth plan will be long until a school year, unless the teacher is put on a self-piloted plan before the end of the year. An AEA member who resigns during the school year must communicate in writing at least 30 days prior to his or her last scheduled day at Auburn Public Schools.