5.3 Delivery after prepayment: For advance orders, delivery is only made after payment is received by f.becker_line. In case of advance, f.becker_line does not reserve any of the products ordered from the customer until payment is received. If this were to cause delivery delays, for example. B because the products available to order are in the meantime out of stock and must be ordered again, f.becker_line must inform the customer immediately. 8.3.2 Visible defects must be reported in writing f.becker_line without delay, no later than 14 calendar days after the product is delivered. Any concealed defects must also be reported in writing immediately and no later than 14 calendar days following the discovery. If a defect is not reported within the allotted time, the right of the customer to guarantee the defect that has not been reported in a timely manner is excluded. However, this does not apply if f.becker_line has somehow concealed the defect and/or granted a corresponding guarantee. 2.2.4 A sales contract exists only when f.becker_line accepts the customer`s order. This occurs either when the shipment to the customer is confirmed by email (shipping confirmation) or when the product is delivered to the customer. Products on the same order that are not listed on the shipping confirmation do not yet have a sales contract. The same applies to products that are not included in the delivery and which have not appeared in advance on a confirmation of shipment and whose sales contract is therefore concluded after the delivery of the products. 9.5 Exclusion of liability: This guarantee does not affect the buyer`s rights under the signed sales contract, in particular the legal guarantee rights.

Legal guarantee rights are a priority and are not limited by the provisions of this guarantee. 6.1 For deliveries to the delivery address indicated by the customer, f.becker_line hires a shipping company (p.B. GLS or UPS). The risk that the product will be lost or damaged during transport is, by law, f.becker_line to the customer, unless the customer is late in accepting. 1. Terms And Definitions Administrator refers to OOO Internet Panda (LLC), a commercial company that has a legal residence in the Russian Federation as a party that holds the rights to the games and/or their distribution among end users. Block refers to limiting the user`s access to the game by blocking their account in the app. The game refers to an electronic computer program consisting of a body of data and commands that work as a whole on fixed computers and other computer devices (including mobile devices) and that are hosted on the administrator`s servers, including the core server, the gaming client and the website. Game Client refers to a program for an electronic computer hosted by social networks, including, but not limited to, VK.com, Odnoklassniki, My.Mail.ru, Facebook, etc., as well as on the mobile platforms of Google Play and App Store, which provides the necessary communication with the Core server as a key element for the gaming process. App Store Mobile Platform refers to an app store, a section of the iTunes Store online supermarket, which contains different apps for iPhone phones, iPod touch music players and iPad tablets, as well as for PCs (via iTunes), which allow you to purchase licenses for the use of apps at a given price or for free.