In order to meet the requirements of previous insurance periods for voluntary affiliation with the Norwegian social security system, the length of working life in Australia is added to the insurance periods provided by Norwegian law. The totalization provisions covered by Article 18, paragraph 1. (g) « living alone » with respect to the New Zealand supplemental pension or the Veteran`s Pension are applicable under New Zealand`s Social Security Act; and « not living alone » has a corresponding meaning; (c) paragraph 4 of Article 2 and the previous paragraph does not apply where the social security legislation which, for the Federal Republic of Germany, derives or is implemented by international treaties or supranational laws, contains provisions relating to the distribution of insurance costs. 2. The rights found prior to the entry into force of this agreement are reviewed on request in accordance with this agreement. 1. a) When a person is entitled to a Belgian pension without a totalisation, the competent Belgian institution calculates the amount of the pension directly on the basis of the periods of insurance carried out in Belgium and only under Belgian law. 3. In determining the right to a state social security benefit under the State Social Benefits Act, periods of residence in Australia are considered periods of insurance under the law of the Republic of Latvia, provided that the person concerned has stayed in the Republic of Latvia in the case of an old-age benefit for the twelve uninterrupted months immediately prior to the benefit.

2. Any information concerning a person communicated to the competent authority, the liaison body or the competent body of that contracting party, in accordance with this arrangement, by the competent authority, the liaison body or the binding body of the other party is confidential and can only be used for the purposes of the implementation of this agreement and the legislation to which this agreement applies. 2. The competent authorities of the parties or entities they designate may, by mutual agreement and in the interests of a person or group of persons, provide for different specific principles and exceptions or amend the principles and exceptions provided for in paragraph 1. 4. With respect to Australia, paragraph 3 applies only if the application has been received by the relevant institution within 12 months of the initial application being filed. 10 . Notwithstanding the other provisions of this agreement, periods of residence on the territory of Denmark prior to 1 April 1957 are not taken into account in the calculation of a benefit under the Social Pensions Act to be paid to an Australian national residing outside the territory of Denmark. 1. Where Norwegian law is entitled to a benefit without recourse to the provisions of this agreement, the benefit is calculated in accordance with Norwegian law. 1. Subject to paragraph 2, work-related disability pensions are paid under Cypriot law under this agreement with respect to disability that occurs while a person is insured under this legislation and is employed in a profession that applies for the purposes of this legislation.

2. With regard to New Zealand, Section 99 (4) of the Privacy Act 1993 applies, for all necessary amendments, to an agreement between the competent bodies of the parties in accordance with point 1 (d). 1. (a) Subject to paragraph 2, for the acquisition, maintenance or recovery of the right to a pension, the periods of insurance completed under Australian pension legislation are added, to the extent necessary and to the extent that they do not overlap, with periods of insurance completed under Belgian law.