You can give your lease to someone else in your household. This is called « assignment. » You can do this if you want to move or if someone else has preferred to be responsible for the lease. The person who takes over the lease must have lived with you for at least 12 months. You pass on all your rights and duties to the other person. We offer a number of accommodations for different needs, including home equipment and adapted features for wheelchairs and those with mobility problems. If you think you need this type of hosting, you should apply with the transfer system described above. We can ask social services to assess community care, but we will involve you in this process and get your permission. If you are looking for accommodation in North Ayrshire, we will process your application through the North Ayrshire Housing Register. It is a joint venture with North Ayrshire Council, the Irvine Housing Association and the Ayrshire North Community Housing Organisation, under which all allocations are allocated as part of a shared allocation policy. In East Ayrshire, the register is known as SEARCH and operates in the same way and includes Cunninghame Housing Association East Ayrshire Council Irvine Housing Association, Shire and Atrium. We will consider your current housing conditions when points are awarded, for example if there is overcrowding or if medical factors are in place. If you sign up for your new lease, your local team will make an appointment for a technical demonstration.

This includes: As part of our goal to help you get the most out of your rental relationship, we leave a welcome package in your home. We also give you a number of important documents when you sign up for your lease. You should keep these documents if you need them in the future. If you wish to leave your home, you must inform us 28 days in advance to terminate your lease. If one tenant decides to terminate their tenancy agreement, the other tenant has the right to stay in the house. If you receive a housing allowance or a universal credit, you must notify the City Council when you move in and when you will cease to be legally responsible for renting your current home – it may not be the same date you move. You may be eligible for a housing allowance for two houses during your notice. Talk to your housing agent if you receive benefits or think you may be eligible. A common tenancy agreement is when 2 or more adults are listed in the tenancy agreement and each tenant is responsible for the tenancy agreement jointly and individually. This means that each tenant is responsible for the full rent (not just half) and if one tenant breaks the contract, we can make the other person responsible.

Yes, yes. You can resign at any time before signing your new lease. Once you have signed the lease, you are no longer the tenant of your former property. To assign your rental agreement, add a co-hire tenant or to inform us of a name change, you must complete the corresponding form that can be downloaded or requested by one of our housing offices. You can ask someone to become a common tenant with you. If a person is admitted as a tenant in the existing tenancy agreement, you do not need to sign a new lease. We may refuse if you have breached any of your rental conditions and in certain other situations where it is reasonable to refuse. We may also ask for your permission to accompany people looking for accommodation to visit the property before you leave.