Hello Michael, First of all, I would like to thank you for your blog so useful, and I`m reading this a long time ago. I am renting an apartment in Waterloo, Ontario. My fixed-term lease ends on September 31 and after that it should be a month-to-month lease. I want to move and assign the apartment to my friend, so I spoke to the executive office. However, the employees told me that I would not be able to do that, because I am now renting in a month, unless my friend signs a new one-year contract. Because my friend doesn`t want to live there until December 31st, so he doesn`t want to sign a new lease. I know it`s a special or strange situation, do you think if it`s legal for me to allocate the apartment, if I`m at a month`s rent? Thank you for your precious time and great help! Good morning, Michael, thank you for this service. My question is about the rights of guarantors, if at all. When my father took an apartment 4 years ago, the owner asked me to be my father`s guarantor. We both signed the lease, him as a tenant and me as a guarantor.

My father moved into a seniors` residence and I asked the superintendent if I could keep the apartment? I was told that I could apply and that the rent would be $1,000 a month higher. Does that sound fair to you? Would it help if you checked the lease? Thank you! Hello: The question does not give much context. But I`m going to say it. The Safeguards Act is not part of the Housing Act. Therefore, you will find no indication of the legal implications of a specific warranty in the RTA. In addition, the form of a guarantee is not defined by legislation and there is no standard—able form, i.e. the wording of most guarantees is unique. In conclusion, I would like to say that a guarantee (largely) is granted by the principles of the treaty. Therefore, the wording of the guarantee is very important, as the parties are exempt from any contract.

In addition, the right to guarantee is surprisingly complex and detailed. If you have a particular document or if you are wondering if you are signing or have signed, read a consultation on the specific document (i.e. you have it verified. Michael K. E. Thielewww.ottawalawyers.com Hello: The answers are probably what you fear. If there is a lease agreement, the responsibility is most likely to be in solidarity.