Each of the master confirmation agreements published in the protocol by ISDA contains certain provisions that must be negotiated bilaterally before the Master Confirmation Agreement can be concluded. In addition, the parties may agree on additional provisions that they wish to include in their page letters. ISDA provided model side letters to all master confirmation agreements covered by the protocol. The condition of the subsidiary letter states that your consent to the conclusion of a Framework Confirmation Agreement with another Contracting Party shall not take effect until the day on which your letter was concluded in respect of this Framework Confirmation Agreement with that other Contracting Party. Please note that different Master Confirmation Agreements may have different implementation data depending on the date you fill out a side letter with your counterparty. The isda Equity MCA Protocol (the « Protocol ») is an instrument for parties wishing to enter into framework confirmation agreements for the documentation of transactions in equity derivatives. The Protocol allows the parties to submit an adrenal letter and enter into a framework confirmation agreement with all counterparties that also submit a letter of compliance and with whom they have executed a secondary letter regulating other provisions that must be set bilaterally. The documents covered by this Protocol are as follows: all letters of adhesion must be sent by e-mail to equitymcaprotocol@isda.org. In the email, you must submit your true and executed copies of the Adherence letter.

The 2008 AEJ Master Equity Derivatives Confirmation Agreement contains the CMISO Annex in addition to the previously published Annexes.