By mutual agreement, they stopped at the safest place and built a fire. The development of science, the acceptance of new methods and the interpretation of the lessons learned from them require a mutual understanding and consistency as to how and when they should be integrated into the risk assessment process. If you can do that, we will support the new agreement. Jeżeli będziecie w stanie to zapewnić, poprzemy nową umowę. In return, the White House appears to have reached an agreement to extend benefits for the long-term unemployed. By mutual agreement, he left Kansas. Each device leaving the house will be tested in all functions and will be reviewed to ensure compliance with the promised technical data. That is why we have all the conditions to conclude a good agreement. W związku z tym spełnione są wszelkie warunki, aby zawrzeć dobre porozumienie. However, governments have failed to agree on the extent to which global emissions should be reduced and there are many loopholes for countries to avoid the deep reductions that scientists agree to make. It seems that we can reach agreement at first reading. Wszystko wskazuje na to, że możemy osiągnąć porozumienie w pierwszym czytaniu. It has therefore not yet been possible to reach agreement on a common methodological framework for measuring, monitoring and reporting on the energy consumption of data centres and telecommunications networks.

Okay, but I`d like to tell you something later. All right. W takim razie ja też chce ci coś powiedzieć. This agreement has been in existence for a few months. Porozumienie to obowiązuje już od kilku miesięcy. We now have the opportunity to reach an agreement in 2008. Teraz mamy okazję dojść do porozumienia w roku 2008. 1. (determination of grammatical inflection based on word relationships) Consensus, consensus, synonim consensus: Concord2. .

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