The tenant is entitled to a rent bill that breaks down the various costs: basic rent, electricity, water, etc. My tenant had another family of 5 who lived regularly several days in a row without our knowledge or consent on the rented land. When we discovered this by accident, we called a meeting to say that this is not allowed and unfair to other tenants on the property, since thw water is shared pro-rata. They agreed and said they would not let them stay. A few weeks later, they found this family for several days without our knowledge. Even this other family comes during the day, when no one is there and use the facilities without our knowledge. We had another meeting, and now our tenant wants to terminate his lease with us, because he is unhappy. They owe us rent for several months ago – they lost their jobs, so we help them stay on the condition that they pay us all the unpaid rent. When they started working, they repaid some of the balance, but they owed a lot more. Now they refuse to pay us the remaining balance before they leave. Can you advise without legal drama, because it will cost them a lot more money and their debt will increase compared to what is due. We signed a lease and a debt.

Our rental agreement also provides that all costs related to the recovery of our money will be borne by the taker. They also lose their deposit if the lease is terminated prematurely. Hello, I responded to an ad under gumtree for accommodation (an apartment) to rent. The amount of the rental indicated was R3500 in advance, including water and electricity and a deposit of R3500. We only have a verbal agreement, because the landlord did not want to be bound by a long tenancy agreement if the agreement between the landlord and the tenant does not work. I said yes. He also stated that the interest of my surety is to his advantage as his payment of electricity. I didn`t know at the time that it was against the law that he kept the interest on my deposit, so I didn`t say anything. After 5 months of staying there, on August 1st, he approached me on the way to work and said that the rent with R500 will increase from September 1st, more than the usual 10% after 12 months.