Choose the car based on your salary. My assalamualaikumNama Aditya Aulia I suffered from the trauma of agility because I was deceived and deceived by many online credit companies and I thought nothing good could get transactions online, but all my doubts were immediately put to rest when my friend identified me. For Mother Iskandar at first, I thought it was always the same boring game that I had to force to follow all the trials when they came to my greatest surprise after they met all the requirements of the process, that I was able to get a 350jts loan to the Rekening Bank Central Asia (BCA), which I laundered in my remote control, I never trusted him, but I rushed to the bank to make sure it`s true that the contact mother now suffers from the obsession with cardiac heating in your financial life by what is BBM INVITE: « D8980E0B » or do you want to configure on my part? You can contact me via my letter: « » and you can also contact the company ISKANDAR LESTARI LOAN FIRM via: .mail:,facebook ( ( 10 After signing the contract, you can finally wait for the seller to chassis it no. The waiting time depends on the car fleet. Once you have received casis no, you can make a prepayment of your money if available. Don`t pay until you get the « no » from the chassis. Don`t ask your text or text provider for a frame as proof. Follow these three payment measures for security measures: salespeople will make car payments at headquarters before the car is released into the second party store. Upon processing the payment of the vehicle, the new vehicle must receive a tax return from the customs authority; before the company commits to the insurance company and then to JPJ assalamualaikum en.tumpang en.tumpang ask,mcm, I talk about it with the sales related to the credit and the monthly payment of the price of the loan rm90k rm90k interest 90k2.23% tp when exiting the bank LOU, bnkcris the sale price of RM87k n balance on the full documents to the banks, Loans for 9 years. Time to chat with monthly sales rm967 but come 2 times, if nk sign aggrmnt bnk tgok write 2 car amounting 1.rm106k 2.rm90k mcm tu,fee by 1.rm1001 n 2.rm967 s kna byr rm1001 mcm mn tu?n lg un after bnk pass the credit rm90k teba sales ask me to pay rm500 for depo.but I did byr lah,only you what I tnya dkt it, in front of the other javap back so his other.. Apply for the help of in.experts thank you for the knowledge in there is dpt tograde rzki in.insyallah. 12 Once the seller will contact you that road subsidies and taxes are accepted, you can determine the time and place to pick up the car.

Authorization after 2 days – 1 week after the interview 08 After the interview, 2-7 days later, the bank`s decision is made. Whether it is handed over or not, or conditional authorization. If successful, check the amount of the loan approved. Price on the road – loan amount – total amount of advance to be withdrawn. Example RM44,000 – RM40,000 (credit amount) – RM4,000 down payment. 04 Ask your car sellers monthly.