« The second Arab country to make peace with Israel in 30 days, » he tweeted. White House enumeration points indicate how Mr. Trump will organize his international dealmaker registration information for his election campaign: foreshadowing peace and prosperity in the Middle East, with probably more Arab and Muslim countries on board to normalize relations with Israel. « This is a historic step forward in promoting peace in the Middle East, » which will « strengthen stability, security and prosperity in the region, » the statement said. The United States will continue to be goods from all regions that are now receiving such treatment, to deal with tariff-free and to negotiate a free trade agreement with the State of Palestine. The United States hopes that free trade agreements with the State of Palestine will be pursued by countries in Europe, the Middle East and elsewhere. Other experts also lament that the Trump administration is not using its leverage with the UAE for actual peace – that is, applying pressure to compel the Emiratis and Saudis to draw down their U.S.-backed war effort in Yemen. A recent New York Times report found mounting concerns among State Department officials over U.S. culpability in Yemeni civilian casualties at the hands of the Saudi-led coalition. Violence there – and the American role in its ability – is expected to be the subject of a congressional hearing on Wednesday.

Nor will he be able to make much of a cycle of victories over Afghanistan, whose government began negotiations with Taliban representatives this weekend after months of U.S. legwork diplomatic negotiations. But the prospects for a final deal there are in the air and Trump`s landmark legacy in Afghanistan ahead of the November election could remain his administration`s decision to step up bombing operations across the country. Aaron David Miller, an experienced U.S. peace negotiator, said anyone hoping for a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict « has not behaved the way this government has behaved in the last four years. » The Council of the League of Arab States at the Summit, at its 14th regular session, reaffirms the resolution adopted in June 1996 at the Extraordinary Arab Summit in Cairo, according to which a just and comprehensive peace in the Middle East is the strategic option of Arab countries, which must be achieved in accordance with international law and would require a comparable commitment from the Israeli government. REAFFIRMING their willingness to achieve, through the agreed political process, a just, lasting and comprehensive peace settlement and historic reconciliation; « It will be a very warm peace. Peace has never shone – the light of peace on this Day of Annuukka has never been brighter than it is today in the Middle East, » Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement, referring to an eight-day Jewish holiday that begins Thursday night. The creation of a culture of peace should include the end of propaganda, including in the state-controlled media, and an end to the glorification of violence, terrorism and martyrdom. It should also prohibit hostile propaganda, textbooks, school curricula and related documents contrary to the objective of the Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement, including the denial of the right to exist. The planned port facilities will use the existing port of Israel as well as existing Israeli aid facilities for refuelling and repairing ships. The State of Israel and the State of Palestine enter into an agreement under which the State of Palestine will be able to use these institutions fairly.