Former CMO Matt McKibbin of Bitnation was on hand for the occasion and explained how the wedding was recorded. There was a local ceremony, but at the same time, « the vows were incorporated into the Bitcoin blockchain with the OpReturn function with a Bitcoin ATM CoinOutlet. It was a solemn event to discuss the powers of the blockchain to register our records in a registry alternative to that used by the state. We exist in October 2014 and the first marriage of the blockchain was about to get married. There was essentially a cryptocurrency, bitcoin, and it had just undergone a difficult valuation event, falling from $1100 to $250 per BTC. Although the number of visitors ending is a little lower, the more intimate atmosphere of the event of history to be made was borrowed. The site uses the features of Cryptograffiti, a web service that allows people to encode messages hidden in the Bitcoin blockchain with a special online interface. It is possible not only to register the marriage certificate on a long term, but also to keep a list of witnesses and wedding vows on a blockchain. When we decided to camp with the bright people of Camp Decentral, we knew we wanted to do something else and anchor our marriage permanently on the blockchain. The initial plan was simply to send a transaction from one of our addresses to another with a clear comment embedded in the transaction. Then I learned of Jameson`s contract. I brought a copy of solidity`s code in the hope of getting help to make it work for us. I hadn`t even dreamed that Jordi, after discovering what we wanted to do, would find time to mount an amazing piece of code in a few days.

I think it`s the best wedding gift of all time, and now we can share it with the rest of the world. The Prenup With Love agreement clarifies the living conditions together. For example, the frequency of purchases, the amount of chores done at home, how much time should be spent for night meetings, what series they will see and so on. Forget plate kits and kitchen utensils, some couples put bitcoin on their wedding records. While people are giving Bitcoin, there has been no turning point. Honeyfund, a honeymoon registry that allows customers to donate cash rather than gifts, has seen more than a dozen customers donate in Bitcoin, said Sara Margulis, CEO and co-founder. In recent years, more than a dozen customers have decided to direct bitcoin-wallet donations to the site. Zola, a marriage registry site, has created only two cash funds for bitcoins since 2013, a spokeswoman said.

Another transformative benefit she has brought again is her dependence and the security she brings to marriage, which is at the heart of society.