This is often the shortest and simplest layout in the SPA. However, it is one of the most important because it ensures that full legal ownership of the shares (also known as « title ») is duly transferred, as well as all relevant rights attached to the shares (for example. B dividend rights). As a general rule, this provision also stipulates that the shares are free of any charge, which gives the buyer the consolation that the seller has not mortgaged any of the shares to a bank or other lender. Implicit guarantees: An implicit guarantee is an unwritten promise that the purchased product will meet a minimum quality level. These are essentially automatic guarantees that buyers receive when they buy goods from a merchant. There are two unspoken safeguards that flow from the UCC. The basic agreement, which is essential for a buyer and seller document, is the exchange of money, real estate or services. The agreement must be specific to the description of the exchange by listing what each party will give to the other party. This part of the agreement also contains information on the type of delivery, which can have a significant impact on the cost and speed of delivery. If the buyer and seller agreement is an ongoing agreement with automatic renewal, the part of the contract covering the basic exchange must also indicate it.

Completion is carried out when the legitimate ownership of the shares is transferred to the buyer, resulting in the buyer being the owner of the target business. As a general rule, a timetable for the completion of the G.S.O. lists all the documents to be signed and other measures necessary for the conclusion in order to influence the conclusion. Explicit guarantees: An explicit guarantee is a positive statement from the seller about the quality and characteristics of the merchandise. An example of an express warranty is an electronics distributor that tells a customer, « We guarantee defects to your newly purchased TV for three years. If you tell us there is a defect, we will replace it or fix it. However, an explicit guarantee can be created even if the seller does not intend to establish one. If the sales contract has a description of the products that the buyer relies on at the time of purchase, an explicit guarantee is made that the merchandise complies with that description.