RELATED TOPICS: | Agreements and Joint Ventures Transaction Agreement| Galatasaray | Uefa | Roma (Kader) | Manchester City | Psg| The last one on the settlement agreement20. June 2020, 09:30Fair Financial Play, Olympique de Marseille « saves » the place of Uefa champions. Olympique de Marseille will participate in the next Champions League, although it has not respected the standards of financial fair play. The French club, referred to the jury of the Financial Control Body for violation of the pickets imposed by the settlement agreement, was sanctioned with a fine of three million euros, to which was to be added the payment of 15% of the revenue from participation in Uefa tournaments for the 2020/21 and 2021/22 seasons. The Marsigliesi…- Marco Bellinazzo04 June 2020, 09:30Uefa, Trabzonspor trophies for one year: ready to put the TasIl Trabzonspor in the lead in Turkey has been excluded from European competitions for a year for non-compliance with the stakes imposed by financial fair play. Uefa notified the sanction to the Turkish club for not fulfilling the conditions of the 2016 agreement, when the Financial Control Body of the Continental Federation found violations by the Company Trebisonda. The blockade for the Turks will come into force…- Marco Bellinazzo06 March 2020, 08:30Fair Financial Play, Olympique de Marseille once again risks the place in the Champions Olympique de Marseille imposed under the lens of Uefa for the non-respect of stakes by financial fair play. The French club, along with Lechia Gdansk`s Poles, has been referred to the judges` chamber of the Club Financial Control Body following an investigation into regular checks under the settlement agreement for the current season. According to the chief investigator of the control body, the French have not fulfilled the conditions of the case…- Marco Bellinazzo04 November 2019, 07:23Internet, Storage MachineOur models for the creation of the Internet, as we have seen, was that of a universal digital library presented in the work of J. Licklider, the first head of the ARPA es Information Processing Techniques Office. The next heirs of his project can be considered as Internet and Wikipedia archives, which today reach an agreement that could be described as historic. The first, a non-profit initiative active since 1996, took up the challenge of archiving as many people as possible…- Paola Liberace20. September 2019, 09:30Inter and Juventus have launched an appeal to Uefa: « Financial fair play can be improved » A « new » financial fair play to promote the sustainable development of football in Europe.

The conference « Does Financial Fair Play Matter » at Universit Bocconi highlighted the views of the associations and UEFA on the instrument of budgetary control of European companies. The reason why, in recent years, Inter Milan, just like the Roma, had to submit to a settlement agreement, while Milan was excluded from the European League. On the other hand, several clubs are …- Marco Bellinazzo05 July 2019, 02:30 Paris Saint-Germain there is a new course towards the independence of QatarThis is seven years later, Paris Saint-Germain frees itself from the « last » of the Qatar Tourism Authority. A sponsor that heavily funded the Paris Club, with an agreement originally estimated at between 150 and 200 million per year, ended up under the microscope of Uefa for generous donations to Sheikh Al Khelaifi es Club. .