« Some teachers do 35 [personal lessons a week] at Bendigo Kangan, » says the teacher. But the institutes want to prevent teachers from studying in the classroom, even though they accepted this clause just over a year ago. Victorian TAFE teachers in dual sector universities are covered by the following dual sector agreements A teacher at the Kangan De Bendigo Institute, who requested anonymity, said that after the move, personal lesson hours had increased by an average of 21 hours per week, as stipulated in the enterprise agreement, to between 27 and 30 hours of classes for many teachers. Several of TAFE`s national institutes have applied to Fair Work to tear up their employment contracts with teachers and force teachers to spend more hours of personal instruction. All TAFE teachers employed in stand-alone institutes are covered by MEA 2018, which came into force on 19 October 2018. TAFE`s Victoriaville teachers in stand-alone institutes are covered by the 2018 TAFE Teaching Staff Agreement (MEA 2018). Your enterprise agreement defines the terms and conditions of your work, including your compensation, leave, work settlement and dispute resolution process. « For the TAFE institutes, it is a lack of respect for TAFE teachers and a blatant grip for more hours of classes in order to achieve greater productivity among AEU members, which has never been agreed upon, » said Meredith Peace, the union`s Victorian branch. Peace said TAFE`s Victorian teachers « will become the lowest paid among the highest paid in the country as a result of this agreement. » Under the TAFE agreement, teachers receive a pay increase of 5.4 per cent and an additional 2.7 per cent every six months until 2021. In addition, a significant number of casuals will be eligible for the transformation into full-time permanent positions. Victorian TAFE teachers are covered by the 2010 Post-Secondary Education Award. Thousands of TAFE`s Victorian teachers are about to go to war with their employers, TAFE`s public institutes, to increase their teaching burden without a pay increase.

Despite the increased workload, teachers are still paid for a 38-hour week, the teacher said, adding that the workweek has been demibilized due to the need to complete their own professional development as well as administrative work, in addition to the extra time required for evaluation. TAFE teachers receive a 23.7% pay increase over four years thanks to a new remuneration agreement.