To be operational, the PDAC needs an executive director to lead the union and deal with cases of maladministration (e.g. B sudden loss of employment or sudden loss of services), (b) negotiator and advisor during negotiations; (c) money to resolve legal issues, (d) offices, a computer, a telephone line and the maintenance of this site. In addition, unions usually provide small fees to post-doctrinal executive directors and/or, if necessary, any other staff. They have a small advocacy fund and a budget to provide their members with professional development opportunities. To cover these costs, membership fees are unfortunately required. A union, also called a union or union, is an organization that protects common interests and negotiates goals in certain parts of professionals. The most common objective is to improve or, at the very least, maintain the conditions of employment of the group. Editor`s Comments: Standby: Half an hour`s salary at the employee`s standard rate or equivalent time instead of the first 5 hours and half an additional hourly wage or equivalent time instead of every subsequent 3 hours….