(2) The WTO provides the status of negotiations among its members on multilateral trade relations in the cases under this agreement. The WTO can also provide a forum for further negotiations among its members on their multilateral trade relations and a framework for the implementation of the outcome of these negotiations, as decided by the Ministerial Conference. 3. With regard to any existing internal tax incompatible with the provisions of paragraph 2: the contracting party that orders taxation, the application of the provisions of paragraph 2 to this tax until the date on which it can be exempted from the obligations provided by this agreement, until the date on which it can benefit from the exemption from the obligations of that agreement in order to allow the increase of this tax to the extent necessary to compensate for the elimination of the protection element of the tax, the party that imposes the tax is exempt. Paragraph 1 of this article does not specify the corresponding reflection. In addition, the article specifies that it « must communicate in writing » which requires the member who introduces export restrictions to produce « writing notices ». However, the article does not set a detailed time limit for such a notice, the information necessary to include in the contract notice or the measures that could be taken if the importing member rejects the application. Switzerland presented its ideas for opening up on the opening ideas covered by Article 20 of the agricultural agreement. Switzerland has offered a number of diktats to this agreement. In export restrictions, « Switzerland proposes that only the removal of all export restrictions on zero products be mandatory for all export duties. » In addition, Switzerland proposes to « negotiate the tariffs of a single product or on a case-by-case basis as part of an application/supply procedure that may eventually be supplemented by a tariff reduction formula. » b) Similar provisions apply to any non-member party of the Fund from the date that party becomes a member of the Fund or enters into a specific exchange agreement in accordance with Article XV.