To set up this service, complete the vacant rental property settlement contract (PDF) and select the ATO field on the contract form. When we receive your ATO request, we will contact you to determine the best invoice configuration for your free units and the vendor process. (See Billing and payment) The measure funds the program through an annual tax of $75 per unit for homeowners. In addition to offering free legal representation to tenants, regardless of income or immigration status, the program also creates a tenants` committee and provides rent assistance to those at risk of eviction. It extends the city`s utility occupancy tax from 2022 to 2025. In addition to extending the tax, the initiative allows Boulder to reuse the money for other projects and initiatives that support the city`s clean energy goals and the implementation of its Xcel partnership agreement. The tax money would also be used to repay loans from Boulder`s general fund, which the city used to cover costs associated with setting up a municipal power plant, according to Sarah Huntley, a spokeswoman for the city. 7. 105 C.M.R. §§410.190, 410.201. In the absence of such a written agreement, the landlord is legally responsible for the cost of heating and hot water, even if the tenant has resumed the practice of paying them. Jung v.

Patukonis, 24 Mass. App. Ct. 907 (1987). See also 105 C.M.R. §410.354 (the landlord must pay the electricity and gas bills, unless there is a separate meter that only measures the tenant`s own use and there is a written rental agreement that obliges the tenant to pay). Considering that 2D depends on voter approval of 2C and that the use tax measure would have been meaningless if the right to vote had failed, it should be noted that more voters supported 2D than 2C. Voters agreed to enter into a 20-year franchise deal with Xcel Energy, a move that is inconsistent with Boulder`s efforts to create a local electric utility. To enter into this Agreement and create a new account, please sign a « Cromwell Waiver ». This is a document that gives the electricity or gas company permission to add the old default to your new account and cancel your new account if you don`t pay for it, which the company couldn`t do otherwise. Tenants also have the right to water supply and a landlord is required by law to maintain a rental unit`s water systems in good condition.5 My wife and I own a multi-unit property in Denver and gas and electricity are provided by Xcel Energy. I spoke to Xcel and they told me that if I had a « landlord agreement » with them, utility bills on behalf of my tenants would automatically fall on me when they moved and stopped the service.